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September, 21st 2020 Managing Line-breaks in Web Typography Good typography and copy requires a line-break management. Especially when the project you're working on is a multilingual website of 11 languages. ..
March, 20th 2018 Using mobile hotspot with mobile operator that restricts tethering Mobile operators with unlimited traffic plans often limit the ability to use your phone as a mobile hotspot. I'll talk about some methods and caveats of staying unrecognized when using tethering mode ..
February, 7th 2018 CSS :not pseudo-class together with :hover usage Recently, I saw a quite common example of :hover behavior in a row of blocks. When user hovers one of the blocks, dim all but hovered one. That was implemented in JS and reminded me th..
January, 16th 2018 Disabling code-splitting in Preact CLI default template Some small and light projects do not need code splitting at all. Moreover sometimes code-splitting may lead to unwanted behavior on low speed connection or no connection at all...