Hey there 👋 I’m Pavel, I am a designer and full-
stack developer
living in Amsterdam.
Passionate in creating and
slim, great looking products and
Here I publish notes and
thoughts of mine.
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Using mobile hotspot with mobile operator that restricts tethering Time-to-live The main method for mobile operator to check if your are using other devices through mobile hotspot is TTL value of network packet. Every network packet has a number TTL (time-to-live) va..
Disabling code-splitting in Preact CLI default template Some small and light projects do not need code splitting at all. Moreover sometimes code-splitting may lead to unwanted behavior on low speed connection or no connection at all. Since splitting code i..
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Boldking 2018 - current
Amsterdam-based grooming brand made especially for the modern man.
uLime 2016 - 2018, Russia
Everyday lifestyle services with delivery
to you doorstep. When time matters.
Bitkom24 2015 - 2016, Russia
Table-booking mobile app, that allows 
you to pay with crypto-currency.
Capitolia 2014 - 2016, Russia
Real estate. Best online experience with everything you need to pick the right one.