I’m Pavel — designer and software developer living in Amsterdam. Passionate in creating and building slim, great looking products and interfaces. Here I publish notes and thoughts of mine. Send a message or connect on LinkedIn!

Boldking Razor & skincare subscription based brand. Responsible to customer and environment.
Remoteam All-in-platform to hire anyone from anywhere with one click. Available in 150+ countries.
Localie Find and meet locals that can also 
be your friends. Your age and your vibe.
Ulime High quality everyday services 
with delivery and pickup. Mobile app and account at hand.
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July, 28th 2022 Background-aware swiper pagination Some parts of user interface are not background aware, however are meant to be. It’s especially noticeable when working with user-generated content that is different in colors, exposure and size. Take gallery dot pagination for example below...
March, 31st 2022 Tree-shaking Vuex State in Nuxt Document response The way Nuxt delivers state data from server to client can play a bad joke with your loading performance. All of your Vuex state data on the server will be printed in the response Document as JS object...
February, 23rd 2022 Better DOM Debugging With Component Name in HTML Attribute Sometimes the key of keeping great DX is in tiny details. Debugging markup of modern frontend might be very scary these days. With atomic CSS classes getting trendy, the DOM in devtools becomes harder and harder to read...
June, 5th 2021 Styling Variative Vue.js Components with TailwindCSS Using TailwindCSS to style Vue.js components may become complicated if you styles depend on the props. It is especially relevant for components of your design system: Buttons, Form Inputs, etc...
September, 21st 2020 Managing Line-breaks in Web Typography Good typography and copy requires a line-break management. Especially when the project you're working on is a multilingual website of 11 languages. ..
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Booking.com 2022 - current, Amsterdam
Experiences & accommodations from one of the largest travel marketplaces.
Boldking 2018 - 2022, Amsterdam
Amsterdam-based grooming brand
made especially for the modern man.
Remoteam 2021 - 2022, Amsterdam
All-in-platform to hire anyone
from anywhere with one click.
Localie.co 2018-2020, Rotterdam
Localie helps to connect travellers
with locals around the world.
uLime 2016 - 2018, Russia
Everyday lifestyle services with delivery

to you doorstep. When time matters.
Bitkom24 2015 - 2016, Russia
Table-booking mobile app that allows

you to pay with crypto-currency.